[Essay] The art of conversation or need for articulation

Monday, August 10, 2009  at 5:10 PM

The art of conversation is not just a gift, but actually a skill that needs to be sharpened and honed to make life comfortable and acceptable in society. Articulation as a way of speaking is to be


mastered, when we speak, we need to be clear and audible. The speech needs to be fulfilled with emotion and has to be tinged with good vocabulary. One like to converse with people, who have a repertoire of words, are well versed in different topics and have a large horizon of knowledge.

People who crib, gossip, rumor are the ones who are not tolerated for long. While conversing it is important not to hurt the feelings and sentiments of others. One should not boast about one’s achievements or make egotist remarks.

In many families girls are brought up with a notion that they should not be heard but only be seen. But today times have changed. One must be articulate in this modern world to get through in your day to day life.

While meeting strangers it is better to converse on simple and sage topics instead of passing personal information or talking sensational and gossipy subjects. One should never cross the line and ask personal things if a person is not willing to discuss them. Discussing about the personal lives of people may also create a security problem for them.

It is important for a person to speak with respect and dignity. The mood and the tone should change according to the demands of the situation or circumstance. It is also imperative for a person to talk to the point where business and institutional conversations are concerned. with friends and acquaintances one can be condescending or familiar but with unknown people one needs to maintain a distance.

Whoever be the person you converse, your speech must be clear, language understandable, so one needs to have a command over it.

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Post your comment on what you think about conversation?? How good you are at conversation?? Do you think it should be improved??….. if yes then up to what extent??



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