[Essay] The pleasures and pains of youth

Saturday, August 1, 2009  at 4:26 PM

The period of teenage is a short but a beautiful one. We begin our teens when we are pleasure and pain “thirteen” and we end it with “nineteen”. It is also called a period of adolescence – when you are neither a child nor an adult. It is a time for privacy but on the other hand there is a lot of peer pressure.

You start growing up and understanding your physical qualities and understanding the importance of looking good. You look out for a role model – a wrong model can put your life in jeopardy. The right role model can uplift your life.

You want to act grown up but you lack the confidence, so many times you act in an immature manner creating problems for our own selves.

We do not appreciate parental advice and we feel it is too condescending. Parents also refuse to understand this phase of the child. Actually parents should be made friends and role model as they always wish the best for their children.

Lack of reading and too much dependency on TV, computers, internet and films, can lead to crimes, drugs, bad company.

Though full of traumas there are joys of growing up, forming own groups, enjoying life, building constructive hobbies and making plans for one’s future.

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Post your comment on what you think about your teenage. what you think about the pain and pleasures of teenage??

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