[essay] Stress – the curse of modern life

Monday, August 10, 2009  at 5:56 PM

Modern life is fast paced and competitive. AmbitionStress is the buzzword and everyone is looking for success, money, fame and glory. Today one burns the candle at both ends to live a successful life and it results into severe stress.

Stress may be defined as an anxiety syndrome due to work pressure. It also caused due to emotional, physical or mental tensions. The Fear of Failure or being left behind leads to a hectic pace of life which is detrimental to one’s physical health. The lure of money and fame also makes one work beyond one’s capacity leading to strain and stress.

Modern life is pretty mechanical, it leads to lack of exercise which aggravates stress. Couch potato lifestyle or being confined to a chair leads to obesity and stress. The hectic lifestyle leads to imbalanced diets, wrong food habits and endless cups of caffeine or aerated drinks makes one more prone to stress. This in turn leads to ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems etc.

Stress can be overcome with discipline, yoga and meditation. A proper diet clubbed with regular exercise is needed to minimize the element of stress.

Regular holidays and some relaxation and leisure from hectic schedules is the mantra for a stress free life. One should have a fruitful hobby which will help a person beat stress. Nature is the best teacher for relaxation so one must spend time in its lap by going to hill stations and beaches for a change.

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Post your comment on what you think about stress?? At what extent are you suffering from stress?? What you do to get relief from stress??


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